Your clinical trials program can be an operational success story and ultimately provide greater clinical options for patients in your community. It can run profitably, with efficiency and stability, and remain compliant. PYA can help you make that happen through its Clinical Research Administrative Office.

Our experts have decades of experience in clinical trial consulting and operations. We provide turnkey trial activation services that offer financial and regulatory best practices as well as improved activation timelines to keep your organization at the forefront of a competitive market.


We are your partners for success.

We are deeply skilled and experienced in clinical research consulting in all aspects of budgeting, contracting, negotiating, and comprehensive program operational assessment. As continuous learners, we monitor and assess industry trends to help our clients navigate through the ever-changing environment.

We are your turnkey solution.

PYA’s Clinical Research Administrative Office (CRAO) can streamline your operations and help you realize significant savings both in time and money. Your clinical trials program can run at peak performance, as you improve patient lives with more clinical trial offerings.

Our CRAO team is laser-focused on the financial and regulatory elements of clinical trials. We help hospitals and health systems, academic health systems, and physician practices hit the ground running to expedite study start-up activities and increase study opportunities.

PYA Clinical Research Value


PYA Clinical Research Administration Office: Our Services

We work in close partnership with our clients to meet clinical research requirements.

Turnkey Study Start-Up Activities

To ensure your clinical trials program and research are compliant, profitable, and stable, we don’t skim the surface. We can elevate your program by providing these essential services:

  • Coverage Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Contract Negotiation

It’s about nimbleness and experience, traits we employ as we help you activate your clinical trials:

Move quickly.

      • We can initiate trials quickly to expedite your revenue generation and maintain positive study sponsor relations.

Plan responsibly.

      • We approach financial reviews with strong regulatory backgrounds to create an accurate budget and recoup your study costs successfully.

Negotiate expertly.

      • We review contracts to ensure appropriate language is negotiated into the agreements.

Additional Services

As needed, we provide consulting services based on our decades of experience helping hospitals, health systems, academic health systems, and physician practices.

Strategy, Operations, Compliance, and Consulting

Whether your research program needs short-term assistance for a specific issue or you are contemplating outsourcing operational or financial components, PYA can be of assistance. Our successful track record—from introducing trials quickly to maximizing financial opportunities—is a result of years of research-industry experience at all levels.

We use time-tested knowledge to benefit you:

  • Strategies that will impact your organization’s bottom line positively
  • A customized program assessment with a focus on short- and long-term operational excellence
  • Rapid evaluation of the key compliance elements in your research program
  • Actionable recommendations that can be implemented quickly

If you would like guidance with any matter related to clinical trials and research programs, compliance, valuation, strategic planning, or transaction solutions, please email our executive contacts or call (800) 270-9629.