IT Strategic Planning


Providing IT strategic planning that encompasses user satisfaction, potential gaps in the application portfolio, new developments in the IT industry, current levels of IT staffing, and costs. Our planning process integrates and prioritizes individual IT initiatives within the overall goals of the organization, while helping to secure plan buy-in at all levels.

Interim IT Executive Management


Offering interim executive talent while your organization searches for qualified full-time candidates. With decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT experience, we help make your business processes more effective through planning and leadership and with ongoing executive-level mentoring. During our interim engagements, we assist with client executives in their selection process of hiring full-time IT executives. We provide this service as part of the interim’s responsibility, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars on search firm and recruiter fees.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

IT Turnaround,
Chief Information Officer

Offering a turnkey interim CIO program specifically designed for your challenging engagements. Our Turnaround CIO can quickly assess a chaotic situation, ascertain what the business needs most, recharge staff, and start building successes quickly, leaving an organization in a more secure and functional position.


Fractional/Virtual CIO

Delivering Fractional IT Executive services for those organizations that need IT strategic advisory on a part-time basis. Our IT executives remain engaged with the client without draining the staffing budget. Using automated tools and governance and risk management strategies, PYA maintains a constant presence that includes on-site advisory services only when needed, both for single entities as well as group organizations, such as networks and alliances.