PYA is grateful for the dedication of the rural health providers we are proud to serve across the country. In addition to changing lives, they are major employers, provide education opportunities, and are vital contributors to their local economies. Simply put, the success of many communities is defined in large part by the quality of healthcare available.


Building on decades of experience, PYA launched the Center for Rural Health Advancement in 2021. Our mission is to help providers pursue data-driven and locally informed transformation to preserve access to high-quality essential services and to connect the community to the broader care continuum. We understand rural is not “small urban;” rural providers face unique challenges demanding customized solutions.

The PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement helps rural providers transform their operations by delivering a full range of practical, rural-specific solutions focused on the four foundations of long-term sustainability.

  • Community Engagement – Understanding and prioritizing community needs, aligning with community organizations, building and maintaining trust with local residents, enhancing access to affordable primary care services, maintaining a strong governance and leadership team.
  • Clinical Excellence – Engaging in service line planning and execution, pursuing collaborative relationships and provider alignment, securing an adequate workforce.
  • Financial Stability – Gaining access to needed capital, optimizing revenue cycle operations, making purposeful IT investments, positioning for value-based contracting.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Understanding and implementing new regulatory requirements, ensuring IT security, preparing for and responding to survey findings.

“PYA serves to solve our members’ most challenging problems. Over the years, they have proven to be experts in rural health, of the highest integrity, and responsive to their clients’ needs. Like our members, PYA is driven by a passion for ensuring local access to high-quality healthcare services.”

Rich Rasmussen
President and Chief Executive Officer | Oklahoma Hospital Association

“PYA is consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 healthcare consulting firms by Modern Healthcare. We are one of the few firms on that list that remains wholly independent. We answer to our clients, not outside investors. This allows us to do the work about which we are passionate, including serving rural communities from which many of us came. That’s the driving force behind the PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement.”

Martie Ross
PYA Principal | Director, Center for Rural Health Advancement 


Delivering Value to Rural Communities

  • We are recognized thought leaders on rural health issues. Our experts regularly present on these issues at national conferences and state hospital association meetings. Thousands of rural providers have participated in PYA webinars and relied on our white papers and articles.
  • We are innovators and bridge builders, having helped numerous health systems develop and implement creative rural health strategies.
  • We want long-term relationships, not one-and-done projects. We earn trust by pricing our work fairly, considering our clients’ circumstances.
  • Like rural providers, PYA remains fiercely independent. We answer to our clients, not outside investors.
  • We are radically responsive. We answer questions immediately when possible, and always connect within 24 hours.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Over the last two decades, we have helped rural providers meet numerous challenges as they fulfill their mission to serve their communities.

Immediate Operational Improvements

Revenue Cycle

  • Evaluate and develop detailed action plans to improve revenue
    cycle operations
  • Assist with commercial contract evaluation, negotiations, and
    dispute resolution
  • Take full advantage of cost-based reimbursement

Patient Care Revenue

  • Reduce hospital services outmigration
  • Optimize service lines and rural health clinic operations
  • Perform provider needs assessment and develop a recruitment plan
  • Enhance 340B program


  • Evaluate and execute the outsourcing
    of back-office operations
  • Identify affordable staffing solutions and formulate workforce development plans
  • Facilitate use of data for operational monitoring and improvement


  • Provide regulatory updates and related work plans
  • Serve as a dedicated compliance resource
  • Conduct mock surveys and develop and execute corrective action plans

Information Technology

  • Optimize IT investments
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Analyze and address critical systems and technology controls
  • Serve as dedicated IT resource

Long-Term Sustainability

Market Assessment

  • Compile in a usable format relevant data from multiple sources to understand current market position
  • Utilize assessment to identify immediate opportunities and to evaluate performance over time
  • Prioritize initiatives based on community need


  • Access infrastructure needs
  • Identify and pursue new sources of capital
  • Develop and execute real estate strategy

New Payment Models

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for participation
  • Assist with quality improvement initiatives
  • Develop sustainable infrastructure to manage patient populations


  • Evaluate and make recommendations for board structure and operations
  • Provide timely and relevant board education
  • Facilitate retreats and planning sessions

Strategic Relationships

  • Identify, evaluate, and pursue opportunities
  • Structure arrangements to protect and promote community interests
  • Optimize benefits of existing arrangements

“Some of our most experienced professionals lead the PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement. Each team member brings unique skills and experience to the table. Working together, these experts examine challenges and devise solutions from all angles.”

David McMillan
PYA Managing Principal of Consulting Services

If you would like guidance with any matters related to rural health, one of the executives listed on this page would be happy to assist. You may email them through their contact links, or call (800) 270-9629.