What started as an in-person Florida event has grown into a national brand. In the “Let’s Talk Compliance” series, PYA and Foley & Lardner bring together nationally recognized thought leaders—healthcare attorneys, certified public accountants, valuators, and healthcare advisors—to discuss timely and vital compliance issues. The series includes multiple yearly educational offerings via articles, webinars, and podcasts.


Let’s Talk Compliance Podcasts


Medical Device and Physician Arrangements
Published December 5, 2023

How Compliance Issues Affect Health Care Transactions
Published October 16, 2023


Medicare Advantage Compliance Enforcement Underway
Published August 30, 2023


Subsidy Arrangements Between Hospitals and Physician Practices: What You Should Know
Published July 31, 2023


Post-Pandemic: Time to Refocus on Your Compliance Program
Published June 29, 2023


Let’s Talk Compliance Conferences & Events


PYA and Foley & Lardner Host Sixth Annual “Let’s Talk Compliance” Conference
January 18-19, 2024

PYA and Foley & Lardner Present “Let’s Talk Compliance” 2-Day Virtual Conference
January 19-20, 2023

PYA Joins Foley & Lardner in “Let’s Talk Compliance” Event Focused on Stark Law Changes and Physician Compensation
September 13, 2022

“Let’s Talk Compliance: Recent Regulatory Changes Require Fresh Look at Physician Compensation”
June 9, 2022

PYA and Foley & Lardner Present “Let’s Virtually Talk Compliance”
January 19-20, 2022

“Let’s Talk Compliance — The Telemedicine Cliff”
November 15, 2021

“Let’s Talk Compliance — Provider Relief Fund: Reporting Requirements and Compliance Concerns”
July 16, 2021

“Let’s Talk Compliance — HIPAA, Breaches, and Penalties”
April 30, 2021

Let’s “Virtually” Talk Compliance — A Master Class Presented by PYA and Foley & Lardner
January 22, 2021

PYA “Talks Compliance” with Foley & Lardner
January 24, 2020