Information Technology General Controls Audit


Helping organizations address the overall operation and activities of the IT function and its management and governance.  We identify and assess general controls throughout your organization’s IT infrastructure to help you gain a better understanding of the IT control environment.

Financial Information Technology General Controls Audit (Supporting Financial Audit Services)


Evaluating reliable and secure financial system performance.  Our team consists of certified public accountants working together with compliance and IT professionals who integrate the financial and IT audit functions and provide support to test the design.

Access Provisioning Audit


Reviewing controls related to onboarding and offboarding IT users to ensure they are authorized with the appropriate accesses as they progress through different roles in an organization, and when they leave the organization.  During this audit, we make recommendations for addressing access security gaps that are discovered.

Network Security Audit with Vulnerability and Penetration Assessment


Assessing and analyzing your network to identify areas of vulnerability that could lead to security breaches, penalties, and damage to your company’s reputation.

Wireless Network Audit


Utilizing leading-edge technology, such as radio spectrum equipment, to ascertain the security of your wireless network.

Data Center Audit


Providing independent audits (specific or broad) of your data center, including a review of  existing security, reliability, and points of failure, as well as growth, floor space, power, and cooling needs.  PYA assesses and evaluates storage and processing inefficiencies, and then provides a roadmap that optimizes performance to support clients’ business objectives in a secure and protected environment.

Disaster Recovery Audit


Reviewing and testing the comprehensiveness of the DR Plan and the client’s readiness to implement and sustain recovery and business continuity procedures.  Rather than provide a list of addressable concerns, PYA offers practical mitigation recommendations that align with clients’ business goals and budget requirements.

Mock Audit Services (HIPAA & MU)


Preparing your organization for an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) HIPAA Audit.  Using a mock OCR audit we developed, PYA auditors take on the role of external federal auditors to ensure your organization understands the ins-and-outs of the audit process.  Our review process has been developed using documented conversations and guidance directly from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Think of us as your personal HIPAA “bodyguards”—escorting you along the path of an OCR audit.