PYA provides unbiased perspective to help our clients realize supply chain opportunities and cost efficiencies.


PYA’s Systematic Approach to Supply Chain RFPs:

  • Define supply chain strategy and goals through facilitated stakeholder sessions.
  • Assess client’s cultural alignment with supply chain partners.
  • Perform due diligence on existing contractual relationships, GPO ownership, market basket analysis, and spend trends in various categories.
  • Facilitate RFP process design, distribution, respondent Q&A, and presentations, along with a blinded scorecard proposal evaluation methodology.
  • Perform financial analysis of guaranteed savings, shared administrative feeds, rebates, exit costs, and implementation costs.
  • Manage the process, from respondent notification to contractual negotiations to implementation.


PYA’s team of experts, comprised of former group purchasing organizations (GPO) and distributor executives, has more than 100 years of cumulative experience in healthcare supply chain. We can:

  • Assist newly merged entities by facilitating request for proposal (RFP) processes for GPOs and distributors.
  • Help health systems with optimization services related to current GPO and distributor relationships.
  • Employ a collaborative approach with our clients, considering financial benefit, cultural alignment and adoption, transition support, pharmacy programs, and innovative technology.
  • Provide perspective on the latest industry trends of guaranteed savings and performance improvement to help clients maximize value.


“PYA assembled a group of experienced subject matter experts to lead our project who were unquestionably competent, cooperative, and unbiased. Their insight and guidance, along with exceptional management of the process, led to the significant success of the group purchasing organization and distributor request for proposal initiatives.”

– Dale Claytore, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ballad Health