Healthcare has always been a complex and highly regulated industry. The demands of healthcare reform have only increased the pressure on governing boards to be strategic, creative, informed, agile, and engaged. The honor of serving on a community board has been overshadowed by the serious obligation of preserving a vital community asset.


PYA provides the breadth of talent and depth of experience needed by governing boards and individual board members to:

  • Understand the complexity of the healthcare environment.
  • Remain informed and educated on the rapidly changing healthcare environment.
  • Think and plan strategically to assure the organization succeeds in the post-reform era.
  • Develop the strategic vision of the organization and assure management remains accountable for furthering that vision.
  • Involve physician participation in strategic and tactical planning to further organizational alignment of administrative and clinical operations.
  • Understand and successfully perform duty-of-due-care and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Develop organizational structures that assure diverse representation of board member backgrounds and skill sets that will facilitate creative and responsive deliberations.
  • Prepare succession plans to ensure leadership continuity and develop intellectual capital for the future.
  • Further the role of board members as effective public and legislative advocates of the organization.
  • Create a culture of trust and respect among talented board members, management, and affiliated physicians to encourage open discussion and collaborative decision-making.


PYA has a long and successful history of providing valued consultation and advice to hospital and healthcare system governing boards, their management teams, and their physician staffs. By establishing long-term relationships, we have helped our clients successfully negotiate turbulent times.

Today’s governing boards must be strategic and proactive in order to handle the velocity of change occurring in healthcare. Renewed focus on clinical integration demands reconsideration of corporate structures and governance relationships with physicians. PYA offers the seasoned and reasoned consultation which will assist a board with structuring itself for success, provide the educational support to assure sound decision-making, and utilize collaborative coaching to facilitate effective board processes.