May 15, 2019

“Brand Valuation: Understanding This Monetary Asset”

The New England Society for Healthcare Communications Spring Conference takes place May 29-31, 2019, in Providence, RI.  The event will highlight recent changes within the healthcare industry, investigate how certain companies are influencing the structure of daily business, and includes daily keynote speakers and breakout sessions with topics such as emerging technologies and patient engagement.

PYA Senior Manager Annapoorani Bhat will present “Brand Valuation: Understanding This Monetary Asset.”  Through a discussion on case studies, best practices, and different perspectives about brand valuation, the presentation will:

  • Evaluate factors that influence brand strength.
  • Review practical examples of organizations that have successfully leveraged their brand value.
  • Explain appropriate methodologies, calculations, and considerations for brand valuation.

Learn more and register here.

If you would like additional information specific to brand valuation, or would like assistance in any matter involving valuation, compliance, or strategy and integration, contact one of our PYA professionals below at (800) 270-9629.

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