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Published June 17, 2020

“Brand for Your Buck: Leveraging Brand as an Asset in Healthcare Alliances”

An article authored by PYA Consulting Senior Manager Annapoorani Bhat and PYA Principals Jim Lloyd and Michael Ramey has published in the American Health Law Association 2020 Health Care Transactions Resource Guide. “Brand for Your Buck: Leveraging Brand as an Asset in Healthcare Alliances” examines case studies, and takes readers through topics that include:

  • Brand as an asset.
  • Types of branding relationships.
  • Evaluation of brand strength.
  • Brand valuation methodologies.
  • Protecting brand value.

Article excerpt:

Building and maintaining a strong brand in the healthcare industry involves substantial investments of time and capital. Strong healthcare brands are valuable because of their ability to support growth and profitability. Co-branding arrangements can have a material impact on joint ventures and other types of affiliation transactions, and the owner of such brand should be fairly compensated for allowing others the benefit of use.

Read the full article here.

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