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Published July 16, 2020

“‘What’s Up Doc?’ Dealing with a Delayed Patient Volume Bounce”

PYA Principals Jeff Bushong and Lori Foley, along with Clare Moylan of Gibbins Advisors, have co-authored an article published in Nashville Medical News. “‘What’s Up Doc?’ Dealing with a Delayed Patient Volume Bounce” examines why patient volume has not returned following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, what it means for physicians, and strategies that might help them cope with the situation.

Article excerpt:

Closely examining the staffing for both physicians and administration is imperative to managing costs during the ramp-up period, as the baseline expense expectations will need to be reset…. Whether it is reducing the fear of a patient visit or offering more convenient treatment options, the industry must regain the public’s trust before the return of pre-crisis volumes can be expected. 

Read the full article.

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