To continue a dialogue on timely but occasionally tough or tricky topics in physician compensation and fair market value, PYA surveyed more than 50 physician compensation experts and other healthcare professionals to understand their collective thoughts on the topics in 2023. These issues include but are not limited to the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and its impact on physician compensation; compensating physicians who work collaboratively with advanced practice practitioners; new trends in physician compensation and productivity benchmark surveys; and better performing practices in hospital-based specialty subsidies, just to name a few.

PYA Principal Lyle Oelrich and Senior Manager Derek Long addressed a Top 10 survey topic in the 2023 webinar series: “Physician Compensation Benchmarks: Tracking Tricky Terms and Trends.” The webinar explored the following:

  • Glossary nuances and what is being reported to surveys
  • Trends in various specialties and metrics within benchmark data
  • The impact of recent, current, and future events on benchmark data

The webinar took place August 29, 2023.




More Timely, Tough, or Tricky – Physician Compensation & Fair Market Value webinars will be announced soon. View the entire Timely, Tough, or Tricky series.

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