Published March 19, 2024

On-Demand Webinar: Timely, Tough, or Tricky: “Unveiling PYA’s 2024 Top 10 High-Demand Physician Specialties”

In 2024, we continue the dialogue on timely and occasionally tricky or tough physician compensation and fair market value (FMV) topics. These are based on insights from a multitude of physician compensation experts and other healthcare professionals, feedback collected during the webinar series, and PYA’s extensive experience and daily engagement in FMV and physician compensation planning.

Timely, Tough, or Tricky: “Unveiling PYA’s 2024 Top 10 High-Demand Physician Specialties” | Presented March 19, 2024

PYA Principals Lyle Oelrich and Zach Doolin kicked off the 2024 Timely, Tough, or Tricky (TTT) webinar series by unveiling PYA’s list of the Top 10 high-demand physician specialties. By performing more than 1,200 fair market value opinions and reviewing or developing hundreds of physician compensation plans each year, PYA is exposed to the physician specialties in various markets that are in hot demand and why, which might be a lack of supply, growth in compensation from year to year, evolving compensation formulas, or a host of other specialty-specific issues.

Specifically, during this webinar, attendees learned from the presenters as they:

  • Unveiled PYA’s Top 10 physician specialties and discuss the reasons they made our list
  • Briefly recapped key topics covered in Seasons 1 and 2 of the TTT webinar series
  • Solicited feedback for future webinars on the timely, tough, or tricky FMV and physician compensation issues facing your organization


The Timely, Tough, or Tricky—Physician Compensation and Fair Market Value webinar series is now in its third successful season. Watch for more 2024 sessions to be announced, and learn from past episodes. Also, follow PYA on LinkedIn to be apprised of upcoming webinars.

If you would like assistance with physician compensation, fair market value, or any matter involving valuation, compliance, or strategy and integration, one of our executive contacts would be happy to assist. Contact them via email or by calling (800) 270-9629.

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