Published November 18, 2021

PYA Opens Sixth Office Location and Center for Rural Health Advancement

PYA, a Top 100 accounting firm and one of the nation’s largest healthcare consulting firms, is pleased to announce it is opening a sixth office location and is launching the new PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement. This announcement coincides with the celebration of National Rural Health Day today (November 18), which honors “the selfless, community-minded spirit that prevails in rural America.”

PYA’s newest office in Helena, Montana, reflects the growing support the firm provides to healthcare providers throughout the western region of the country.

“We have been honored to foster deep, growing relationships with providers and hospital associations throughout the West. Our Montana location is our commitment to support them indefinitely and more efficiently as they provide care, facing the unique challenges of the times, and their region,” said PYA’s Managing Principal of Consulting Services David McMillan.

The challenges of the western states are reflective of rural hospitals across the country, hence PYA’s decision to launch the Center for Rural Health Advancement. The Center will help providers across the country pursue data-driven, locally informed transformation to preserve access to high-quality essential services, while connecting the community to the broader care continuum.

“Rural communities already face limited access to care. Hundreds of rural healthcare facilities are vulnerable to closure,” said McMillan. “The PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement will provide expert assistance and resources to these critical community assets.”

With clients in every state, PYA has nearly four decades of experience working alongside rural providers to build and maintain the four foundations of long-term sustainability: Community Engagement, Clinical Excellence, Financial Stability, and Regulatory Compliance. The new Center, supported by PYA’s team of recognized thought leaders, will serve rural communities across the country as a full-service consultancy.

“We understand that rural is not simply ‘small urban,’” said PYA Principal Martie Ross, Director of the Center. “Rural providers face unique challenges requiring specialized solutions. There is a genuine urgency to help these providers through innovative approaches that can only be developed by changing the way we think about healthcare.” 


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