Published August 20, 2021

PYA Launches New “Negotiated Pricing Dashboard”

Price Transparency regulation now requires that negotiated rates for healthcare services are made available to the public. However, the file format required for the released data makes comparing rates for benchmarking and payer negotiation very cumbersome.

PYA’s new Negotiated Pricing Dashboard is a robust solution that allows you to quickly compare negotiated rates for healthcare services among peer health systems, facilities, and payers. Our “Payer Pricing Detail Dashboard” gives you an intuitive, side-by-side comparison of negotiated rates between payers and health systems for healthcare services. Try our Demo to learn more.

Visit our Business Intelligence page, or call us at 800-270-9629 to learn more about how the Negotiated Pricing Dashboard, or any of our other dashboards, can help you make sense of the data.

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