Published May 3, 2021

PYA Launches “Open Payments Dashboard”

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act makes payments from medical device and drug manufacturers to healthcare providers available to the public in the CMS Open Payments Database.

Compliance Programs can use this database to uncover potential conflicts of interest regarding the influence a vendor or manufacturer could have on a provider, potentially affecting patient care decisions.

However, the format of the Open Payments Database makes it hard to quantify the magnitude of all the payments made to providers within a single practice.

PYA’s Open Payments Dashboard lets you quickly analyze payments by physician, specialty, or manufacturer. For example, with just two clicks you can quickly view all the physicians receiving payments from a specific manufacturer, as well as the nature of those payments, in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Visit our Business Intelligence page, or call us at 800-270-9629 to learn more about how the Open Payments Dashboard, or any of our other dashboards, can help you make sense of the data.

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