What you don’t know can hurt you.

The old adage, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you,” is particularly untrue for healthcare investment transactions. Because of stringent governmental oversight and complex regulatory mandates, significant barriers to success are inherent in every deal. In the webinar series, Healthcare Dealbreakers, PYA experts share insights to help investors and providers succeed in their healthcare ventures.

The complexity of our healthcare system cannot be overstated, with byzantine regulatory requirements, convoluted payment mechanisms, and a host of operational challenges. While it presents significant opportunities for investors, the healthcare industry requires careful navigation to avoid tricks and traps. 

Healthcare dealbreakers are rarely obvious; they lurk under the surface waiting to expose investors who fail to exercise appropriate caution. These venture capitalists learn the hard lessons of healthcare investment risk through lawsuits or failed arrangements, resulting in lost revenue and compliance exposure that potentially extends beyond the portfolio company itself.

Each quarter, PYA executives will share practical insights into some of the most complex issues in healthcare, helping investors and providers recognize the warning signs that signal trouble for a potential deal.



Upcoming Webinars:

Details about our next Healthcare Dealbreakers webinar will be released soon, please check back.


On-Demand Webinars:

“Healthcare Dealbreakers: Avoiding Post-Acquisition Compliance Surprises”
Presented October 31, 2023

“Healthcare Dealbreakers – IT Nightmares That Could Kill the Deal”
Presented August 23, 2023