Published August 23, 2023

On-Demand Webinar: “Healthcare Dealbreakers – IT Nightmares That Could Kill the Deal”

The ever-evolving healthcare landscape can present opportunities for both investors and providers while improving care, but success requires careful navigation.

PYA is pleased to introduce a new complimentary webinar series, Healthcare Dealbreakers: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Healthcare dealbreakers are rarely obvious; they lurk under the surface waiting to expose the uninformed who fail to exercise appropriate caution. Participants may learn hard lessons about the unique requirements of healthcare arrangements through lawsuits, failed deals, lost revenue, or compliance exposure.

Each quarter, PYA executives will share practical insights into some of the most complex issues in healthcare, helping investors and providers recognize the warning signs that signal trouble for a potential deal.

The first in our series covered IT and cybersecurity issues. While information technology (IT) due diligence is needed for any deal, it takes on a new level of importance in healthcare transactions. Failure to identify and understand technical vulnerabilities, lack of technology investment, or regulatory non-compliance can make a good deal go bad quickly.   

Principal Barry Mathis shared personal and practical experiences in conducting large IT diligence projects. In the webinar, “Healthcare Dealbreakers – IT Nightmares That Could Kill the Deal”, the audience learned how these projects uncovered details that ultimately altered or strengthened deals on behalf of investors. Venture capitalists who understand this risk-laden aspect of a healthcare transaction learned how to better navigate compliance issues and HIPAA requirements to protect and grow their investments.

Specifically, Mathis addressed these areas of IT in the healthcare industry:

  • How could cybersecurity influence an investment or acquisition decision?
  • What is reviewed during an IT due diligence assessment?
  • What are the five biggest risks of IT when closing a deal?
  • What are the five steps to a successful IT diligence assessment?

The webinar took place August 23, 2023.




The next Healthcare Dealbreakers webinar will take place in October. Watch for upcoming events on our series webpage and on LinkedIn.

If you need help with information technology assessments, financial diligence, coding compliance diligence, valuations, or strategy and transactions support, one of our executive contacts would be happy to assist. You may contact them at the emails below or by calling (800) 270-9629.

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