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Published February 23, 2021

On-Demand Webinar “Remote Patient Monitoring: 2021 Update to Medicare Billing Rules”

Since 2018, Medicare has reimbursed physicians for remote patient monitoring, or RPM. While technological advancements have enabled RPM, confusing billing rules have hindered its growth. 

Now, Medicare has updated the RPM billing rules, making it easier to provide these services in a compliant, effective, and profitable manner.

In this complimentary 45-minute webinar, PYA Principals Lori Foley and Martie Ross delivered a simple, straightforward explanation of these rules and highlight the potential revenue associated with RPM. 

Lori and Martie answered key questions, including:

  • Who can order, provide, and bill for RPM?
  • Which patients are eligible for RPM?
  • What are the requirements for each RPM CPT© Code?
  • What types of devices can be used for RPM?

For a more thorough understanding of the webinar’s content, please see PYA’s comprehensive white paper, Providing and Billing Medicare for Remote Patient Monitoring.

The webinar was held on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021.

Resources:   Slides

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