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Published December 1, 2020

Just Published: Telehealth Post-Pandemic —The Genie Will Go Back in the Bottle, Unless…

An article authored by PYA Principal Martie Ross is featured in the fall edition of The Physicians Report, a publication of Physicians Insurance. “Telehealth Post-Pandemic—The Genie Will Go Back in the Bottle, Unless…” examines the state of telehealth pre-, mid-, and post-COVID and makes the case that any telehealth advances resulting from the pandemic will disappear unless providers urge policy makers to make permanent any COVID-era telehealth gains.

 Article Excerpt:

Many predict that one lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be expanded use of telehealth. As more patients and providers come to appreciate the convenience of virtual home visits, the traditional office visit will become the exception, not the rule. Right? Not so fast. Absent statutory and regulatory changes, we’ll be right back where we were with telehealth.

Read the published article here.

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