Ross Discusses Rural Healthcare Strategies at Iowa Leaders’ Conference
Published October 6, 2023

Ross Discusses Rural Healthcare Strategies at Iowa Leaders’ Conference

Martie Ross, PYA Consulting Principal and Director of the PYA Center for Rural Health Advancement, is a featured speaker at the 2023 Iowa Hospital Association Annual Meeting. On October 11, Ross will present “Navigating the Future of Rural Health” during the two-day conference in Des Moines, which is the largest gathering of hospital leaders in the state.

Ross’s presentation will focus on strategies for rural health leaders, who face increasing costs of delivering care, changing methods of care delivery, erosion of public trust, and challenges from new market entrants. As Ross will explain, navigating the future of rural health in the face of these obstacles can be accomplished through these fundamentals:

  • Become a presence, not a place.
  • Deliver health, not health care.
  • Develop a financial improvement plan.
  • Pursue collaboration, not competition.

Attendees of Ross’s presentation will gain knowledge in strategic planning to maintain local access to quality care as they learn about the impact of market developments on rural providers.

This year’s annual meeting of the Iowa Hospital Association focuses on the need for leaders to recharge their goals and renew administrative and clinical values as they face staffing shortages and financial pressures. Learn more and register for the conference.

If you would like help with rural health strategies for long-term sustainability or any other matter related to healthcare strategies or management, one of our executives would be happy to assist. You may contact them by emailing below or calling (800) 270-9629.

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