New Resource: PYA Offers IT Advisory Checklist for Attorneys
Published April 3, 2024

New Resource: PYA Offers IT Advisory Checklist for Attorneys

PYA is often asked by attorneys who structure information technology (IT) transactions and who advise on data protection, assist with IT crisis management, and provide related services, “What are the key areas healthcare providers need to consider when seeking advice on complex IT matters?” In these important moments, PYA believes a comprehensive assessment that closely examines the IT advisory team, contract negotiations, and regulatory compliance is essential.

The urgency and need for a proactive approach are clear: In 2023, more than twice as many people had their protected health information compromised than in 2022 from more than 540 organizations.[1] Healthcare entities must not only be prepared to rapidly respond to issues or incidents but also focus on proactively preventing and actively protecting their IT investments.

PYA can provide comprehensive IT assistance through our expertise and resources, including our complimentary IT Advisory Checklist for Attorneys. Whether as legal counsel you advise healthcare providers on IT diligence and strategy, facilitate contract negotiations and related transactions, provide investigation and litigation assistance, or assist with regulatory compliance, PYA’s IT Advisory Checklist for Attorneys offers high-level insights into three key impact areas:

  1. How do I select an experienced IT advisory professional?
  2. What are critical considerations when selecting an electronic medical record and negotiating the related contract?
  3. Am I considering vital compliance criteria specific to IT-related regulations?


PYA provides clients with comprehensive IT advisory and consulting services that are supported by our specialized knowledge and extensive expertise. If your project requires the support of IT subject matter experts, contact our executives via email or by calling (800) 270-9629.

Learn more about PYA’s IT Advisory and Consulting Services.




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