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Published September 14, 2017

New Infographic and Study: Fair Market Value Compensation Spotlight on Hospitalists

PYA has released a new infographic and supplementary study on the demand for hospitalists and market trends related to their clinical compensation.

With rising focus on value-based care, health systems are increasingly relying on the expertise of hospitalists as care coordinators to ensure positive patient experience and improve safety and quality of care. PYA has created a new infographic, “Fair Market Value Compensation: Spotlight on Hospitalists,” and Fair Market Value Compensation Study to explore the demand for hospitalist services, hospitalist supply, and clinical compensation.

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program places significant emphasis on patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. This has created further impetus for the utilization of hospitalists within health systems to ensure continuity of care,” said PYA Principal Lyle Oelrich. “Hospitalists provide immense value, from coordinating inpatient clinical care to supporting the emergency departments of hospitals.”

The study includes additional detailed explanation and benchmark information and is designed to accompany the infographic. These resources point to the fact that health systems often have had to provide additional financial assistance/subsidies to physician management groups to offset any losses resulting from inadequate collections for this essential service.

PYA provides independent and objective valuation and consulting services to a broad range of healthcare organizations, including around 1000 fair market value opinions each year. PYA’s team of valuation experts supports clients’ many needs, including physician employment arrangements, professional services arrangements, medical directorships, call coverage, and many other types of arrangements associated with various acquisitions and/or affiliations.

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