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Published January 7, 2020

“DOJ Is Trying to ‘Incentivize Higher-Quality Compliance,’ Former Official Says”

PYA Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Principal Shannon Sumner was recently interviewed in a published article, “DOJ Is Trying to ‘Incentivize Higher-Quality Compliance,’ Former Official Says.” The article explores the Department of Justice’s views on compliance program effectiveness and actions for ensuring robust compliance efforts.

Article excerpt:

She [Shannon] encourages organizations to study CIAs [corporate integrity agreements] to improve their compliance programs. “How can they take advantage of CIAs and drill down to their expectations?” For example, would managers be able to sign management certifications attesting that their departments are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations? “When managers see that, it gives them pause,” Sumner says. They are reliant for compliance on employees in their departments, and some of them only receive “compliance training that’s generally not deep enough for their departments or for high-risk activities,” such as relationships with referral sources. . . . “It has given organizations a chance to evaluate their training.”

Read the full article from the Report on Medicare Compliance, a publication of the Health Care Compliance Association.

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