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Published April 21, 2020

New COVID Podcast: Making Plans When Ambiguity Reigns

As the conversation about, and response to, the pandemic evolves almost daily, PYA Principal Martie Ross discusses what seems like the impossible—making sense of the current fluid guidance, while simultaneously planning for post-COVID-19 operations. In a new podcast, “Making Plans When Ambiguity Reigns,” hosted by Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, Inc., Martie addresses exploring and implementing new models of care now, keeping good records, partnering with the community, and strategizing for post-pandemic care provision.

Listen to the full podcast here.

For more information about current COVID-19 initiatives and guidance, as well as planning for a return to “normal” healthcare operations, access PYA’s COVID-19 hub, or contact one of our PYA executives below at (800) 270-9629.

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