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Published September 3, 2020

“A Compliance Framework for Evaluating Medical Directorship Need”

An article recently published in Compliance Today offers healthcare organizations some guidance around medical directorship agreements in the face of increasing governmental and regulatory scrutiny. PYA Consulting Principals Lyle Oelrich and Tynan Kugler and Senior Manager Kathryn Culver outline some key compliance considerations in evaluating the need for medical directorships.

Article excerpt:

Given historical and continued governmental attention, it is imperative that organizations carefully review their arrangements with medical directors to ensure they are commercially reasonable and that a defined need for the position exists. Conducting an MDNA [medical director needs assessment] that addresses the aforementioned key steps and considerations can be an effective way to help ensure an organization’s arrangements can withstand regulatory scrutiny. (Copyright 2020 Compliance Today, a publication of the Health Care Compliance Association [HCCA])

Read the full article here.

For additional guidance, view PYA’s latest resource—an MDNA checklist that offers key considerations to assist healthcare organizations in evaluating the need for medical directorships.

If you have questions about medical directorship arrangements and compliance, or would like assistance with any matter involving compliance, valuation, or strategy and integration, contact a PYA executive below at (800) 270-9629.

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