Published November 8, 2023

Bhat Publishes Chapter about the Trusted Valuation Network

Annapoorani Bhat, Consulting Principal and Office Managing Principal, Charlotte, has published a chapter in the book, “The Art of Valuation: Reflections, Stories, and Strategies from Business Appraisal.” The book is a collection of essays about business appraisal published by The Appraisal Foundation. It features insights from top valuation professionals that convey the art and science of the practice.

Bhat’s chapter, “The Importance of a Trusted Network,” conveys the value of having a network of trusted professionals that can be tapped into to support the unique needs of clients. She elaborates that because valuation work can be nuanced, professionals need a network of valuation specialists who possess varied expertise, such as industry-specific knowledge, to support their clients. Bhat relies upon her own experience at PYA where she focuses primarily on the healthcare industry to recognize the need for specialized expertise to develop and deliver quality work products.

In her chapter, Bhat states:

“Whether we operate within large or small firms, the good news is that someone among us—the broader ‘us’—is likely to be an expert in the area of particular interest. Our job is to recognize the need to seek help from someone with greater expertise and build a professional network that facilitates our search.”

Bhat continues by giving the reader compelling reasons to form a network, criteria for the network, and criteria for making professional referrals.

Read Bhat’s Chapter

Business Valuation Resource Panel of The Appraisal Foundation, the “nation’s foremost authority on the valuation profession,” according to its website. The foundation is authorized by the U.S. Congress to set the standards for real estate appraisals. Copies of the book are available at the foundation’s store.

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