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To begin a dialogue on timely, but occasionally, tricky topics in physician compensation and fair market value, PYA surveyed more than 30 physician compensation experts to understand the collective thoughts on issues impacting these topics in 2022. These issues range from compensation for advance practice practitioners to value-based compensation.

Please join PYA Principal Lyle Oelrich and other PYA colleagues in a series of 30-minute presentations as they discuss key physician compensation issues in 2022.

During this series, attendees can share questions or feedback. Our team will use subsequent sessions to address your most pressing physician compensation and fair market value issues.

Series Overview

Upcoming Webinars:

Please check back soon for future sessions in our “Timely, Tough, or Tricky—Physician Compensation & FMV Topics” series.

Past Sessions

Look for more “Timely, Tough, or Tricky” physician compensation and fair market value sessions to come as they are formally scheduled, and participants’ input is collected.

If you would like assistance with physician compensation or fair market value, or any matter involving valuation, strategy and integration, or compliance, one of our executive contacts would be happy to assist. Please call (800) 270-9629.