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Healthcare Strategy Blind Spots
Published November 9, 2021

Understand Your Strategy Execution Blind Spots

Healthcare Strategy Blind SpotsTime and again, PYA hears from healthcare leaders regarding their struggles in the transition from strategic planning to disciplined execution. The root cause is often that organizations don’t understand their human capacity to effect change. Without understanding staff—their strengths, and their shortcomings—organizations enter the execution phase with little real hope of success. PYA has disassembled the planning process to discover a missing element that inhibits execution—the human capacity to effect change.

PYA has developed a tool that uses management surveys to help healthcare organizations expose these challenges by better articulating, quantifying, and understanding:

  • How aligned a leadership team is in defining the business it is in.
  • How equipped a management team is to effect change and execute strategy, including identifying blind spots that may hinder progress.

Using advanced psychology measurements, framework, and a growing database of business insights, data from our brief, focused surveys provide a roadmap for your company.

To get started, submit the form below, and ask each leadership team member to take 1-2 minutes to answer 12 questions. A follow-up 20-minute conversation will illustrate whether your business is “who” you want it to be, or if instinctual decisions are overrunning intentional decisions. These findings will help determine your business’s capacity to make sustainable change.

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