Published March 6, 2020

PYA Thought Leaders Share Insight on Hospitals and Foreign Research Funding in Recent Publication

Increased scrutiny of foreign research funding activities means many healthcare organizations are taking extra measures to ensure their reporting is compliant. PYA Principal Denise Hall-Gaulin and Consulting Manager Kristen Lilly-Davidson were interviewed by the Health Care Compliance Association for a recent edition of the Report on Medicare Compliance. In the article “With More Scrutiny of Foreign Research Funding, Hospitals Try to Improve Disclosures,” they share their thoughts on conflict-of-interest program monitoring and compliance officer involvement in critical strategic decisions.

Article excerpt:

Research compliance has become increasingly risky, and it “takes a lot more legwork to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. . . .”

“It’s important for research leadership to understand potential compliance risks that may be wrapped around the research initiatives, whether it’s grant funding, export controls or strategic partnerships. . . .”

Read the full article here.

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