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Published November 4, 2020

PYA Speaks to Physician Compensation Structures and Negotiating Employment Contracts for the APSMA

The 2020 American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association (APSMA) Virtual Conference included sessions that address physician contracts and the Stark Law, physician compensation, and employment contracts, followed by a roundtable discussion. PYA thought leaders were among those presenting.

With physician compensation as a key driver in recruitment and retention, ultimately impacting long-term physician behavior, career satisfaction, and organizational culture, PYA Principal Angie Caldwell presented, “Physician Compensation Structures–Key Trends and Techniques.” She provided an overview of various compensation structures, key elements of those structures, and pitfalls to avoid in their design and use.

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In the pediatric specialties, surgically trained Fellows are especially in high demand—so much so that they may be inundated with many competing offers. PYA Principal Lori Foley presented, “Navigating the Unknown: Helping Fellows Negotiate Their First Employment Contract.” Lori provided guidance to use in helping Fellows understand contracting basics, learn what to watch for and which key questions to ask, and evaluate the pros and cons of the offers before them.

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The event took place November 10, 2020.

If you would like assistance with physician compensation structures and evaluating and negotiating employment contracts, contact a PYA executive below at (800) 270-9629.

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