Published February 11, 2019

PYA Principal Quoted in Recent Franklin Street Article

PYA Principal Jim Lloyd recently was quoted in Franklin Street’s Co-Branding Opportunities and Brand Valuation,” an article that outlines the importance of healthcare entity “brands.”  Monitoring brand values can assist healthcare organizations with evaluating marketing budgets as returns on investment instead of expenses.

Article excerpt:

[Jim Lloyd’s] firm [PYA] typically uses a valuation methodology called the “relief from royalty” method, which derives a value based on the anticipated benefits (e.g. revenue) of owning the brand as opposed to having to license it from another party.  “The value of co-branding affiliations should be reflective of the incremental revenue/market share that can be captured from the other entity’s brand as compared to going at it alone,” says Jim.

Read the full article.

If you would like more information about how PYA assists healthcare organizations in determining brand value, or would like assistance with any matter involving valuation, compliance, or strategy and integration, contact a PYA executive below, (800) 270-9629.

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