PYA Announces the Clinical Research Administration Office to Support Clinical Trial Activation and Management
Published April 23, 2024

PYA Announces the Clinical Research Administration Office to Support Clinical Trial Activation and Management

PYA announces the creation of its Clinical Research Administration Office (CRAO), a team of experts deeply skilled in all aspects of clinical trial activation, dedicated to assisting physician practices, community hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers to improve and increase healthcare options for patients.

The CRAO offers a wide spectrum of clinical trial activation and management services, such as clinical trial budgeting, compliance, coverage analyses, and contract negotiation specific to business terms. PYA’s experts use a thoughtful and prescriptive approach to clinical trial activation and management to help ensure clinical trials enterprises can bring newer treatments to patients efficiently and compliantly amidst complex regulatory requirements.

“PYA has served the research and academic community for many years,” said David McMillan, Managing Principal of Consulting. “Approximately two years ago, amidst ever-growing requests from our clients, we committed to the expansion of our research and academic practice. The CRAO concept and opportunity actually preceded that expansion but has found new life with these new resources.”

“The creation of PYA’s CRAO is in response to the expression of need from our provider clients, the growth of clinical trials in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our desire to offer a full continuum of the services needed by providers participating in clinical trials and studies,” said Principal Tynan Kugler. “The CRAO will augment our existing compliance, valuation, and strategic advisory services related to clinical research that we have been fortunate to provide to our clients for many years and provide administrative services to support clients looking to activate or strengthen trials.”

Today, healthcare organizations face more stringent compliance regulations, an increasingly complex clinical trials environment, and rising medical costs. To help them navigate through these conditions and launch or manage critically important clinical trials, PYA’s experts bring experience in all aspects of budgeting, contracting, and compliance.

“We are able to help streamline clinical trial activation and help clients achieve financial and resource savings while operationally managing their clinical trials programs,” said Deborah Biggs, Principal and Director of Academic Medicine Consulting Services.

Read our PDF to learn more about PYA’s Clinical Research Administration Office.

PYA understands the value of successful clinical trials programs, and through the Clinical Research Administration Office, we are enriching the pursuit of better healthcare. For decades, PYA has supported healthcare providers with related clinical research consulting expertise through a comprehensive cadre of services. The new Clinical Research Administration Office expands PYA’s ability to help clients bring novel treatments to the communities and patients they serve. To learn more about the PYA Clinical Research Administration Office, contact an executive via email or by calling (800) 270-9629.

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