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“Physician Compensation and COVID-19: Then and Now and Now What?”
Published May 9, 2022

“Physician Compensation and COVID-19: Then and Now and Now What?”

PYA Senior Manager Kathryn Taylor and Senior Consultant Justin Conant will present at the 2022 Annual Education Conference for the American Pediatric Surgery Managers Association (APSMA). “Physician Compensation and COVID-19: Then and Now and Now What?” will look at compensation changes due to the pandemic.

Since March 2020 the United States healthcare industry has faced great adversity due to COVID-19. Kathryn and Justin will discuss physician compensation before COVID-19 and how it changed during the pandemic, as well as what physician compensation may look like in the future, and what may be done to stay ahead of the curve. From this session attendees will:

  • Learn about the evolution of the healthcare industry and its effect on physician compensation.
  • Understand the future impact COVID-19 may have on physician arrangements and how doctors are paid.
  • Comprehend the keys to creating fair market value compensation plans fit for the future.

The conference takes place May 16-17, 2022.  

Learn more and register here.

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