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Published August 20, 2020

PYA Principal Valerie Rock Talks E/M Coding Changes and the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

PYA Principal Valerie Rock was recently interviewed for the HCCA’s Report on Medicare Compliance in the article “In Proposed Physician Rule, Telehealth Expands and Contracts, Limited by Statute, PHE.” Valerie speaks to some of the changes related to E/M coding and documentation, including the addition of a new complexity code GPC1X for managing care across the continuum.

Article excerpt:

“CMS is saying the code [GPC1X] would be added every time you bill an E/M service. The issue is that a lot of different physicians may feel like they are the center point. Should everyone bill it? Or should one person bill it? I think it adds to the complexity of the billing process unnecessarily, especially when the point is burden reduction,” Rock said.

Read the full article here.

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