Black Ridge Cyberattacks
Published September 26, 2019

BlackRidge Technology Partners with PYA to Provide Cyberattack Protection

BlackRidge Technology International, Inc. (OTCQB: BRTI), a leading provider of next-generation cyber defense solutions, is partnering with PYA, P.C., a national healthcare management advisory and accounting firm, to fortify business operations and further secure client data against cyberattacks. By applying a zero trust network segmentation solution to PYA’s business operations, BlackRidge’s advanced cyber defense approach will actively address growing industry cyber risks that threaten our nation’s healthcare operations and patient safety.

In August, HIPAA Journal noted that at least 200 breaches of more than 500 records each have been reported since the start of the year, with 2019 shaping up to set data breach records in the healthcare industry. Considered a top industry targeted by cyberattacks, healthcare has vulnerabilities that, if hacked, can lead to devastating consequences. From electronic health record downtime that can delay patient care to compromised patient data to critical network disruptions, these cyberattacks can significantly impact the operations of healthcare organizations large and small.

“With a different security breach in the headlines almost weekly, PYA takes our responsibility to safeguard client data very seriously. It’s a never-ending challenge that requires constant vigilance. The BlackRidge partnership means our clients are protected by multiple overlapping strategies developed by an innovative world leader in cybersecurity,” explained PYA Principal Barry Mathis.

Many healthcare providers manage legacy systems and a growing number of connected clinical and medical devices with known vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Thousands of clinical and IoT devices in hospital networks require additional levels of protection from advanced cyber threats.

“At BlackRidge, we apply innovative, identity-based network segmentation and segregation solutions and IoT protection to mitigate the risks from common attacks,” said Steve Leatherman, managing director of healthcare at BlackRidge. “With network segregation, we separate critical networks from the Internet and other internal, less sensitive networks to insulate partners like PYA—and their clients—from harm.”

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