PYA White Paper Helps Organizations Transition to Value-Based Payment Models

New white paper provides healthcare organizations with guidance as they navigate the transition from volume-based to value-based reimbursement. 

PYA’s latest white paper delineates how healthcare organizations can implement timely and innovative strategic plans to adapt to a changing industry.  The paper succinctly explores important factors for transitioning from volume- to value-based reimbursement.

In “Strategic Positioning for Healthcare Transformation: Timing Is Everything,” PYA provides four key considerations for healthcare organizations to keep in mind as they work toward changing contracting tactics and operational structures. The paper explores external drivers and organizational profile and strategic intent, providing a framework for organizations to make important decisions regarding how and when they will make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement in accordance with the local market.

According to this new resource, “While the industry continues to evolve to alternative payment and care models, a more nuanced approach is emerging for individual systems.  By honestly assessing who they are and where they want to be positioned in their market, healthcare systems can pace their change to reflect the reality of their local markets and proactively manage the risk of transition.”

PYA offers extensive experience in developing and implementing tactics to assist healthcare organizations in traversing the transition from volume-based to value-based reimbursement.  PYA assists with strategic plan, CIN, and ACO development; board education and retreats; market and competitive assessments; payer strategy, contracting, and affiliation planning assistance; and service demand and financial assessment.

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