Published August 12, 2020

On-Demand Webinar: “Cybersecurity During COVID-19: A Look Behind the Scenes”

Cybersecurity breaches have been in the news almost daily for some time now. COVID-19 has amplified the problem, as “bad actors” seize upon the opportunity to take advantage of hospitals at their most vulnerable time. Given this climate and an aging HIPAA rule, it is difficult to anticipate and prepare for the future.

PYA Principal Barry Mathis presented “Cybersecurity During COVID-19: A Look Behind the Scenes,” on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. This one-hour, complimentary webinar was hosted by PYA in conjunction with the Montana Hospital Association as Part 2 of the Frontier States Town Hall Meeting.

Barry covered information related to HIPAA, cybersecurity, and a special behind-the-scenes view into the tradecraft of bad actors. This unique presentation included:

  • Recent enforcement trends by the Office for Civil Rights.
  • The current environment for ransomware.
  • An opportunity to watch as Barry logs onto the Dark Web and shows you first-hand how bad actors operate.
  • Ideas for managing cybersecurity threats.

Resources:  Slides

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