PYA Updates Compensation Study on Anesthesiology Providers
Published February 29, 2024

PYA Updates Compensation Study on Anesthesiology Providers

PYA has updated its study entitled, PYA Compensation Study: Spotlight on Anesthesiology, and an accompanying infographic, Fair Market Value Compensation, Spotlight on Anesthesiology, that focus on the supply, demand, compensation, and productivity for anesthesiology providers. PYA’s original study and infographic were published in 2021.

Key updates include:

  • 2023 recruitment data
  • Current stats on the aging anesthesiologist population
  • The impact of the baby boomer population
  • New projections on the supply of and demand for the providers
  • Updated figures on shifts in compensation
  • Changes in anesthesiologist administrative compensation
  • Updated findings on professional collections

The study also shares updated data on productivity as reflected in ASA units. PYA reports that while ASA units for anesthesiologists have increased at approximately the same rate as compensation, the productivity of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) has increased at a slower pace, suggesting factors outside of productivity may be driving the increase in CRNA compensation.

As in its 2021 study, PYA’s updated study states the need for more anesthesiology providers is a major concern across the U.S. Without an increased supply of anesthesiology physicians entering the market or a change in the flexibility of services that CRNAs are permitted to perform, patients could find themselves waiting longer for surgeries.

PYA provides compensation planning and design services for a broad range of specialties, including anesthesia providers of all types and in all settings, such as adult general anesthesia, adult cardiac anesthesia, pediatric general anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, and CRNA. We provide hundreds of fair market value opinions annually on the valuation of employment arrangements, professional services arrangements, and subsidy arrangements, as well as medical directorships, subsidy/financial assistance arrangements, call coverage, and other types of arrangements associated with acquisitions and affiliations. For more information, contact a PYA executive via email or at (800) 270-9629.

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