Published October 16, 2017

PYA One of the Highest Female Percentage Ownership Among Top 100 U.S. Accounting Firms

PYA was ranked highly for female percentage ownership among the 100 largest accounting firms in the U.S. by Inside Public Accounting.

PYA, a national management consulting and accounting firm, has been recognized by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) as having the third-highest percentage of female owners among the largest accounting firms in the nation.

According to an IPA news release, “The honor is noteworthy, as the profession has long struggled with increasing the number of women in its partnership ranks, despite the fact that more than half of the accounting labor pool is made up of women.”

The ranking is the result of data analysis of more than 550 firms compiled in the 2017 Inside Public Accounting National Benchmarking Report.  Compared to last year, female ownership among these firms has slightly increased to an average 18.9%. However, PYA has achieved far higher female ownership.

“At over 40% female ownership, it’s remarkable that PYA is more than double our industry’s average,” said Carol Carden, an equity principal who has been with the firm for more than two decades. “On behalf of our firm ownership, I’d like to congratulate my colleagues for demonstrating the level of excellence, hard work, and commitment that has resulted in their achieving leadership roles within PYA.”

PYA President Marty Brown echoed that sentiment, “We are doubly proud, as advancement in PYA has always been merit-based, without regard to gender, race, ethnicity or other matters.  This honor has been achieved without a ‘special’ program to increase female ownership.  Simply stated, we aspire to treat everyone equally and afford remarkable opportunities for each person to pursue.”

In addition to this latest commendation, PYA recently was recognized in an Accounting Today feature, “Inside the Top 100—In-Depth Looks at Four of the Most Successful Firms in the Country,” which highlighted not only PYA’s unique female ownership ratio, but also its entrepreneurial culture as drivers of its industry successes.  It additionally has been ranked among the Top 100 Largest Accounting Firms by IPA and the 15th largest healthcare consulting firm by Modern Healthcare.

While complex market and regulatory changes continue to evolve across healthcare, banking, and business markets, PYA professionals provide valued guidance and strategies, and create solutions to assist organizations in navigating challenges and recognizing opportunities.

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