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Published February 9, 2021

PYA Compensation Study Highlights the Supply, Demand, and Compensation of Anesthesiology Providers

Fair Market Value Compensation Anesthesiology Infographic PYA has published a new study entitled, PYA Compensation Study: Spotlight on Anesthesiology and an accompanying infographic, Fair Market Value Compensation, Spotlight on Anesthesiology, that focuses on the supply and demand for anesthesiology providers, as well as anesthesiology provider compensation and productivity.

This data suggests that productivity may not be the only factor influencing compensation.  

“The data is clear,” says PYA Principal Lyle Oelrich. “The demand for Anesthesiologists is likely to outpace supply. Many anesthesiologists will be older than 65 in the next 10 years, and a very small percentage of medical students are interested in anesthesiology. So, while the impact to anesthesiology provider compensation is yet to be seen, absent any major industry changes these supply and demand issues may play an integral role in its determination.”

PYA provides independent and objective valuation and consulting services to a broad range of healthcare organizations. We support our clients’ many advisory needs including those surrounding physician employment arrangements, medical directorships, professional services agreements, subsidy/financial assistance arrangements, call coverage, and other types of arrangements associated with various acquisitions and/or affiliations. PYA provides more than 1,200 fair market value opinions annually, supporting the work of hospitals, health systems, life sciences companies, and other such organizations negotiating compensation arrangements in many specialties, including anesthesiology.

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