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Published July 9, 2020

Outside or Institutional Activity? Internal Review and Compensation Considerations

PYA Principal Angie Caldwell has co-authored an article, “Outside or Institutional Activity? Internal Review and Compensation Considerations: Four-Step Process for AMC Faculty Physician Review and AMC Policy and Procedure Considerations.” The article was recently published in HealthLaw Connections magazine, a monthly publication of the American Health Law Association (AHLA). In the article, Angie and co-author Deborah Biggs of Comprehensive Outcomes Management Technologies, LLC, focus on challenges and solutions for academic medical centers (AMCs) evaluating faculty physician activity, productivity, and corresponding compensation.

Article Excerpt:

By deploying the four-step institutional process, an AMC has a means by which to consider, analyze, and document important decision-making surrounding outside activity within an institutional arrangement. Working through this process, an AMC will have increased knowledge and ability to consider outside activities of the faculty as institutional activities of the faculty physicians.

Access the full article.

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