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Published July 17, 2020

PYA’s Latest Infographic Examines Growing Complexities in Provider Needs Assessments

PYA, a national healthcare consulting and public accounting firm, has released a new infographic that explores the evolution of provider needs assessments.

In the past, provider needs assessments (PNAs) have played an important role in provider planning and recruitment. And while they still do, they also play an expanding role in determinations of fair market value and commercial reasonableness. PYA’s latest PNA infographic spotlights this evolution and why PNAs are growing more complex.  

“Changes in population, physician supply and demand, and regional chronic health issues are among the contributing factors driving PNA complexity,” said PYA Principal Tynan Kugler. “It’s important that hospitals and health systems understand how PNAs provide the support to assess fair market value (FMV) and commercial reasonableness (CR). They can now expect to be asked to supply a copy of a PNA, or the applicable portion, during an FMV assessment or CR opinion.”

The infographic is among other related thought leadership PYA has produced to assist hospitals and health systems with oversight in compliance and recruitment.

PYA provides independent and objective valuation and consulting services, including more than 1200 fair market value opinions each year. PYA works with hospitals, health systems, and other such organizations negotiating compensation arrangements in many specialties, including hematology/oncology. PYA’s team of valuation experts supports clients’ many needs, including physician employment arrangements, professional services arrangements, medical directorships, call coverage, and arrangements associated with various acquisitions and/or affiliations.

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