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New Resource: Key Medical Practice Audit Considerations Checklist
Published December 5, 2022

New Resource: Key Medical Practice Audit Considerations Checklist

Medical practices and employed physician networks offer new points of access for hospitals and health systems and present opportunities for increased patient and community provider engagement. Medical practices have also had an increasing role in the patient care continuum as a result of mergers and acquisitions with larger healthcare organizations and other affiliation activities.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact medical practices as they manage risks, often with limited resources. For physician enterprises to continue operating efficiently, audits are imperative. Audits can reveal opportunities, but may also uncover areas where organizations are in non-compliance. This checklist is intended to assist with medical practice audit preparedness and serve as a guide for reviewing key functional areas.

The checklist represents a sample of key medical practice audit considerations. It is not a comprehensive checklist, and further analysis may be required depending on the nature of the particular audit.

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