Welcome to MIPS

The new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) will fundamentally change how physicians are paid. Additionally, the annual Composite Performance Score – a number from 1 to 100 assigned by CMS to each physician based on specified performance metrics – will likely be the objective measure by which other providers, payers, and patients make decisions regarding physicians.

A physician’s 2017 performance on the metrics specified by CMS will determine his or her 2019 Composite Performance Score and corresponding adjustments to Medicare payments. Those with high scores will receive bonus payments, while those with poor scores will be penalized. All scores will be reported publicly on the Physician Compare website.

MIPS will replace CMS’s current physician value-based reimbursement programs (including the Physician Quality Reporting System, Value-Based Payment Modifier, and Meaningful Use). However, the stakes are higher and the impact is greater. Physician organizations must begin planning now for success.

Our Approach to “MASTERING” MIPS

PYA’s MIPS Mastery™ program cuts through the regulatory complexity to bring a commonsense approach to the MIPS challenge.