Data for the Sake of Data

Organizations presently pursuing population health initiatives are struggling to identify and mine data from disparate sources. Battling IT solution fatigue and buzzword overload, hospitals and health systems are often disillusioned by false promises of interoperability. Too many IT vendors are selling data management as the end – and not the means – to population health management.

PYA’s approach to integrating disparate data sources for actionable intelligence helps organizations realize immediate and quantifiable returns on investment. Our PYA Analytics (PYAA) data scientists help develop your data intelligence game plan, and deliver customized applications to support specific population health initiatives.

Introducing Cyclone™

Powered by Cyclone™, PYAA’s proprietary, world-class analytics platform, our team delivers cost-effective, tailored, and predictive analytics to prioritize initiatives, to risk stratify patient populations, to capture and validate free-form text (e.g., physician notes), and to leverage external data to inform your decision-making.

Data for the Sake of Action

Intelligent Data IntegrationTM is not a software solution. PYAA’s data scientists build customized data applications that integrate internal data (e.g., EHR, registration, revenue cycle) with external sources (e.g., census and socioeconomic data) to provide intelligence on your organization’s highest priorities across all population health goals. Using this intelligence, your organization can realize financially sustainable performance improvement and successful care redesign initiatives.