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Published February 2, 2018

Tax Reform Insights

New tax reform, now called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, was signed into law late 2017. PYA is committed to providing current, up-to-date information regarding the impacts the new tax reform will bring and what you can do now to position yourself for success, later.  As information evolves, we’ll update this list of insights (most recent insights listed first):

Reporting Partnership Tax Basis—The Rules “They Are A-Changin’”

When It Is Not All Fun And Games: Tax-Exempt Organizations and Gaming Activities

IRS Provides Guidance on Bonus Depreciation Under the TCJA

IRS Issues Final QBI Real Estate Safe Harbor Rules

Owners of Multiple Passthrough Entities Might Increase Deductions by Aggregating

Where the Rubber Meets the Road—New Maximum Values for Calculating Taxable Amount of Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles

Quid Pro “No”—Too Much Salt Can Ruin Charitable Contribution Deductions

On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Wages—Taxation and Reasonableness of Alternative Forms of Physician Compensation

IRS Ruling Forces Taxpayers To “Eat” Salt—Refunds Of Previously Deducted Overpayments Of State And Local Taxes

Opportunity Zones—New Proposed Regulations Tell More of the Story

Fast-Approaching Deadlines for Remote Sellers Under the New Economic Nexus Rule

Relocation Assistance Tax Reform: What Some of These Changes Mean for Physician Compensation Arrangements and Your Bottom Line

2018 Form 1040 Taxes Underpaid? Penalty Relief Is Available

Important 2019 Tax Deadlines to Note

New IRS Partnership Audit Rules Now Effective—Action Required for 2018 Partnership Tax Returns

Employer-Provided Parking: When Expenses Become Income for Tax-Exempt Entities

Form 1040 Tax Return: The New Face of Deductions

Federal Government Shutdown Creates Tax Filing Uncertainty

S Corporation or C Corporation Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 

On-Demand Webinar: Taxing the Tax-Exempt?

How 2018 Tax Reform Affects Parents and Their Dependents

Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses in the New Tax Environment 

What Do 2019 Cost-Of-Living Adjustments Mean For You?

Tis The Season For Giving: Charitable Contributions Under Tax Reform

Looking to Invest and Potentially Defer Gain? Consider Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives

Does Your Business Provide Paid Family and Medical Leave for Employees – If So, You Might Get a Tax Break

A Technical Look: Donor Reporting Requirements Are a Thing of the Past for Some Nonprofits

There is Now More Bonus in the Bonus Depreciation Rules

Tax-Free Student Loan Forgiveness for Eligible Public Servants

Government Clamps Down on “Deductible Fun” for Businesses

2018 Tax Reform – The Excess Loss Limitation Likely to Squeeze Owners of Cyclical Businesses

IRS Sheds Light on New Limit on Business Interest Expense Deductions

Taking Distributions from Your 401(K): What You Need to Know

The Tax Deadline Looms: Need More Time? 

Looking Ahead: Net Operating Loss Rules under the New Tax Act

Trump’s Tax Act: What It Means for a Physician’s Bottom Line

New Budget Agreement Brings Additional Tax Changes

IRS Issues Updated 2018 Withholding Tables

No Excuses—New Tax Deadlines You Need to Know

The Bottom Line: How Will Recent Tax Reform Impact You?

Excess Employee Compensation Under the New Tax Reform Law:  Will Your Tax-Exempt Organization Be Affected?

83(B) Election for Start-Up Founders




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