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Published January 8, 2021

PYA White Paper Provides Update for Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement Rules

PYA’s updated white paper aims to provide a simple, straightforward explanation of remote patient monitoring reimbursement rules.

National management consulting and accounting firm PYA has published the latest information providers need to know about reimbursement related to providing and billing Medicare for remote patient monitoring (RPM) in its newly updated white paper.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wrestled with several outstanding issues with RPM billing with the release of the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule, effective January 1, 2021. It clarified the types of data and device requirements for RPM, as well as the relationship of CPT codes among different components of RPM. This and other changes are detailed in “Providing and Billing Medicare for Remote Patient Monitoring and Treatment Management.” Providers slow to launch RPM programs due to the complexity of reimbursement rules can feel more confident in developing and deploying RPM programs with PYA’s updated guidance, which offers a straightforward explanation of these rules.

The Final Rule for 2021 has brought more clarity to RPM reimbursement. According to the white paper, “this welcome development—along with technology advancements, beneficiaries’ greater willingness to engage in virtual care following the pandemic, and RPM’s proven ability to improve outcomes and reduce total cost of care—should pave the way for greater adoption.”

PYA assists organizations in building successful ambulatory care management programs, including the provision of RPM services.  Our integrated delivery team includes experienced clinicians, regulatory specialists, data analysts, process improvement professionals, and IT specialists.

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