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Published May 13, 2021

PYA Thought Leaders Provide Guidance on Compliance in Industry Manual

PYA is pleased to have contributed to the recently released “Complete Healthcare Compliance Manual,” the industry standard published by the Health Care Compliance Association. 

Executives from PYA’s compliance team authored and contributed to two sections of the 2021 edition of the manual, which covers the fundamentals of program management, risk assessment, compliance training, and more. The manual is meant for both new and experienced practitioners as a comprehensive guide to best practices in compliance programs.     

PYA Principal and Chief Compliance Officer Shannon Sumner and Senior Manager Susan Thomas contributed to Chapter 4, “Evaluation Processes, Investigations, and Noncompliance Response.”

Shannon wrote the section on “Corrective Action Plans.” These plans help to address any issues or deficiencies, as well as to facilitate ongoing compliance in an organization. Corrective Action Plans (CAP) usually follow phases, including determining what went wrong and how severe the issue is. Shannon notes it’s equally important to determine why a compliance issue is happening because, “If the organization does not know why the issue or error occurred in the first place, an effective CAP will not be created.”  She also describes other phases of a successful CAP, its implementation, and continued monitoring.   

Susan contributed to the section on “Program Self-Assessment,” which “involves the analysis of an organization’s internal data to refine and improve the organization’s compliance function.” In addition to the nuts and bolts of performing an assessment, she covers what makes a compliance assessment program effective, and how the results of the program should be used throughout an organization. She also points out an effective assessment can be crucial in the case of an external examination.

If you would like more information on corrective action plans or program self-assessment, or for assistance with any matter involving compliance, valuation, or strategy and integration, contact one of our PYA executives below at (800) 270-9629.

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