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Published October 15, 2018

PYA Publishes New White Paper: “Urgent Care Centers: A Solution to Overuse of Hospital Emergency Rooms—Valuation Considerations”

PYA, a national management consulting and accounting firm, recently released a white paper that offers insights on valuation considerations related to urgent care centers.  

Urgent care centers (UCCs) are in demand—and on the rise.  The advantage is two-fold: when compared to emergency room visits, UCCs can offer shorter wait times, greater convenience, and lower costs to the patient; and, by addressing non-life-threatening conditions in an urgent care setting, the pressure on hospitals, from both a cost and capacity standpoint, is reduced.

As with any healthcare facility, UCCs have their own operational challenges, and the valuation of these entities for purposes such as joint ventures, acquisitions, and affiliations, requires special considerations.  PYA offers a closer look at UCC valuation with its recently published white paper, “Urgent Care Centers: A Solution to Overuse of Hospital Emergency Rooms—Valuation Considerations.”  It provides an overview of the current UCC environment and highlights key factors such as capacity, potential for competition, staffing, provider compensation, reimbursement, and due diligence, as well as the relevance of these factors when valuing UCCs.

“PYA provides more than 1,000 valuation opinions each year for varied healthcare entities. Each type of healthcare entity requires special considerations, and UCCs are no exception,” said PYA Senior Manager Annapoorani Bhat.  “This white paper delves into some of these unique considerations such as the importance of evaluating provider staffing models, capacity, and collection policies, among others.”

The number of UCCs across the country is only expected to rise, along with the number of consolidations, partnerships and affiliations.  PYA’s valuation professionals have the expertise and experience with fair market value analyses, operational and financial due diligence, coding compliance, reimbursement analysis, and advisory services to aid in making well-informed decisions related to UCC transactions.

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