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Published December 10, 2018

PYA Publishes New White Paper: “A Primer on the Direct Primary Care Model: Past, Present, and Future”

PYA recently released a white paper that examines the past, present, and future of direct primary care services.   

Although it may take a crystal ball to predict where healthcare is headed as it moves away from the fee-for-service payment model, an emerging standard of care delivery, Direct Primary Care (DPC), is coming into focus.  This new model places the emphasis of care on value derived from overall health and wellness and “redefines how patients access, and pay for, primary care services.”

PYA takes the mystery out of the DPC model with its recently published white paper, “A Primer on the Direct Primary Care Model: Past, Present, and Future.”  According to the paper, in its most basic form, this standard of care is a contractual agreement between the DPC practice and the patient, eliminating third-party payers from the equation.  In exchange for a well-defined range of healthcare services, a patient pays a periodic, per-member DPC fee in order to reap the benefits of increased care access and continuity of care, while physicians experience smaller panel size affording a more personalized standard of care.

“DPCs are the next step in patient care,” said white paper co-author PYA Consulting Principal Martie Ross.  “Practices contemplating DPC as a care model are looking for guidance to help them understand DPC structure and any legal, operational, or strategic factors.  This white paper provides the background and foresight to help physicians and their counsel sort through important considerations—among them, potentially evolving liability exposure.”

PYA helps healthcare organizations evaluate DPC opportunities in their communities and develop and execute DPC strategies.  PYA also assists employers in assessing DPC as an alternative method of contracting for healthcare services.

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